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Third Episode: "Reaching for the Stars"

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First Episode: "The Kids Are Not Alright"

When it comes to the digital world, what you don't know really can hurt you and your kids. This FREE streaming educational event features some of the world's leading experts on online safety and human trafficking.


Interviewed by trafficking survivor and host Timea Nagy, three esteemed industry experts share stories, tools and tactics to help you and your kids stay safe online. The more you know, the more you can take precautions to stay safe online and foster digital well-being.

Suggested Audience: Parents, Youth Workers, Teens (13+)

Show guests:

Jeanne Parker, Special Operations, DeliverFund

Matt Richardson, Online Safety Expert,

Doug VanDerhorden  School Counsellor, Founder of FAST 101

Timea interviews two Canadian Survivors about life before, during, and after being trafficked here in Canada. Also, the story of their rescue and what life is like after a such an event.

Suggested Audience: Parents, Youth Workers, Teens (13+)

Show guests:

Kaitlin Bick (Survivor of Domestic Sex Trafficking)

Tamas Miko (Survivor and key witness to Canada's largest Forced Labour Human Trafficking case)

Third Episode: "Reaching for the Stars"

In Canada, 89% of human trafficking victims are Canadian boys and girls who are coerced and bribed into exploitation. Through her extensive work with victims on the frontlines of this global issue, Timea realized that these victims had one thing in common: they were all sold a dream. Promises of a celebrity lifestyle, glamour, fame and fortune ran through all of these victims’ stories as an underlying theme.

In this installment of Now You Know, Timea sits down with three Canadian A-listers to help paint a clearer picture of fame and celebrity for youth and the general public. How do fame and fortune really affect them? What toll does celebrity take on their emotions? What does it take to stay true to your core values when you find yourself in the spotlight of ‘Northern Hollywood’?

Joined by Canada’s Queen of R&B, Jully Black, former Much Music VJ and television host, Rick Campanelli, and beloved Canadian country singer, Paul Brant, Timea and her guests take a deep dive into the high- and low-points of celebrity by shedding light on the aspects of the job that the public might not be aware of. In an in-depth chat, Timea and some of Canada’s most well-known open up to discuss their perspectives on pop culture and celebrity lifestyle, as well as the important causes and charity missions that they are currently working with.

Suggested Audience: Parents, Youth Workers, Teens (13+)

Show guests:

Jully Black, Canada's Queen of R&B

Rick Campanelli, former Much Music VJ & television host

Paul Brant, beloved Canadian country singer

Second Episode: "Survival Hope
& Happiness"

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